Our scholarship program is designed to span several years. We continue to support our students financially if they maintain their course of study with at least a 3.0 GPA, all the way through Veterinarian School. Traditionally, we have named each scholarship in memory of a deceased, beloved rescue pet. We are breaking that tradition this year to honor our dear friend, Caleb Cronk. Caleb was one of our earliest and biggest supporters along with his wife, Stephanie. We are heartbroken that Caleb died unexpectedly earlier this year.

Caleb loved helping rescue animals. All of the couples’ pets were rescues. Over their 17 1/2 year relationship, these family members included six dogs, four cats, and one brave rat. Caleb truly believed that all animals deserved a loving home and had a passion for helping find those homes.

Please consider a donation to our scholarship fund for the Caleb Cronk Scholarship for 2021.

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