Our Mission

PacoCorp Rescue was started in memory of my first rescue dog, Paco. We became best friends in July 2002 when we met at the local shelter. He was the epitome of a grateful rescue dog and the best companion ever. Paco helped me foster many dogs with Trinity GAP Rescue and we even adopted Zoe along the way. Our group started being informally called PacoCorp. We promised old Paco that we would make PacoCorp into something real and continue our mission of rescuing dogs from shelters.

PacoCorp Rescue calls Hurst-Euless-Bedford home and we want to encourage students to pursue careers in animal health care. In addition to shelter rescue, PacoCorp will award scholarships to students from Hurst-Euless-Bedford. To qualify, the student must be accepted to an animal science or pre-vet undergraduate program and be a graduate of L.D. Bell, Trinity, or KEYS High School.

We appreciate your interest and support and look forward to saving some dogs from shelters and helping get some students into school.

Caleb Cronk Scholarship 2021

Our scholarship program is designed to span several years. We continue to support our students financially if they maintain their course of study with at least a 3.0 GPA, all the way through Veterinarian School. Traditionally, we have named each scholarship in memory of a deceased, beloved rescue pet. We are breaking that tradition this year to honor our dear friend, Caleb Cronk. Caleb was one of our earliest and biggest supporters along with his wife, Stephanie. We are heartbroken that Caleb died unexpectedly earlier this year.

Caleb loved helping rescue animals. All of the couples’ pets were rescues. Over their 17 1/2 year relationship, these family members included six dogs, four cats, and one brave rat. Caleb truly believed that all animals deserved a loving home and had a passion for helping find those homes.

Please consider a donation to our scholarship fund for the Caleb Cronk Scholarship for 2021.

Back to work with the DWF Cat Colony

We are again helping with sterilizing what we’re calling the DWF Cat Colony. This is the industrial area near I-35 and Royal Ln in Dallas. Our friends at Dallas Wholesale Forklift look after these kitties and we help find homes for any adoptable cats or kittens from the colony.

We love helping with this very worthy project, as you can imagine how quickly the population would get out of control without some support. These kitties actually have very important jobs in helping reduce the rodent population in this industrial area.

Thank you for your support!

DWF Feral Cat Colony

PacoCorp Rescue has not had any dog fosters for 2020, but has been very busy helping cats! Paco would not be disappointed, as he loved his kitties very much.

We have a kitten angel who finds orphaned kittens in an industrial area near I-35 and Royal Ln in Dallas. They own the Dallas Wholesale Forklift shop, so we call this the DWF Colony. We have helped DWF place kittens from this colony before and decided to take it a step further this year by helping to trap/neuter/release them. We still have a ways to go, but have made significant progress, spaying and neutering over 20 feral cats this year.

There are no adoption fees involved with this kind of project! We rely 100% on public support to help fund this worthy endeavor. Your tax-deductible donation is much appreciated!

We can almost gauge the progress we have made with DWF by how many litters of kittens our angel keeps finding. Unfortunately, still too many! All of the kittens will become socialized and will be healthy, adoptable pets that we will keep fostering until they find their forever homes. Adoptions will include de-worming, two rounds of kitten shots and the spay/neuter, along with any other medical issues they might have prior to adoption.

We ask adopters for a $100 donation for each adoption. This helps keep costs low for adopters, but does not quite cover the medical expenses of a kitten. This is another area where your support is much appreciated!

We couldn’t do it without your support! Thank you!!